About Us

We are small family-owned and operated business. Founded by a clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing, we have a unique understanding of the behavioral health professional and their clientele.

We specialize in billing of a variety of client providers including:

  • behavioral health specialists
  • acupuncturists
  • physical therapists
  • speech therapists
  • MRI centers

Our work is HIPAA compliant. Your client records are kept strictly confidential.

We offer two levels of service:

  • Percentage of insurance revenue – we charge you only on net received
    from the insurance company or other third-party payer (generally
    excluding co-pays collected at the office or money for private pay
    patients). No patient invoicing is offered at this level.
  • Percentage of total revenue for the overall practice – we charge you
    for the total net received by the practice. It includes co-pays,
    deductibles, and any other monies collected at the office, not just by
    us. Under this option, patient invoicing is offered for a small fee per

Contact Us today, so we can customize a plan to meet your practice’s specific needs.