Medical Clam Billing with All Payers– We utilize our extensive medical billing industry knowledge and leading software to manage claims with all payers, including:

  • Governmental Payers – TriCare, Medicare and Medicaid
  • Commercial Insurance Payers, National carriers and Regional carries alike

Electronic and Paper Claims– Claims are sent electronically whenever possible, but we can handle any other forms of claim submission as well. We’ll always find the most efficient means available to achieve the quickest payout.

Payer Follow-Up – We pursue disputed/unpaid medical insurance claims with insurance carrier follow up until a resolution is found – as well as take care of your secondary and tertiary claim billing.

Payment Posting – You don’t have to worry about updating account records or posting payments. All reimbursements go directly to you.

Patient Invoicing– We submit patient invoices to your patients on a routine schedule, monthly or quarterly. Or as you request.

Custom Reporting– In addition to our standard monthly reports, we offer over 250 additional report options, as well as the flexibility to create customized reports. We offer unlimited reports to meet your needs.

Online Billing Log Entry – Rather than submitting paper billing charge sheet documents through fax or mail, you may directly enter them on our secure site, saving you time and money. The process is protected and very user-friendly.